#2 In conversation with: Dr. Shashi Kad

Dr. Shashi Kad trained as a geologist at Panjab University, Chandigarh, and studied Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford. She is the founder and CEO of an advisory and consulting firm, SAGE Sustainability, and has worked extensively on issues related to climate change, sustainability, green supply chains, green buildings and gender.  

#1 In conversation with: Prof. Ashok Sahni

Prof. Ashok Sahni (b. 1941) is one of India‚Äôs best known palaeontologists. He was part of the Indo-US team of researchers who discovered and reconstructed Rajasaurus narmadensis, a 9-meter long carnivorous dinosaur whose remains were found in the Narmada region in India. Prof. Sahni received his MSc in Geology (1963) from the University of LucknowContinue reading “#1 In conversation with: Prof. Ashok Sahni”