#6 In conversation: Dr. Devapriya Chattopadhyay

Dr. Devapriya Chattopadhyay is a paleobiologist whose work investigates the evolution of molluscs and the factors that drive their evolutionary trajectory. Educated at the University of Jadavpur and IIT Bombay, she received her PhD in Geological Sciences (Paleontology) from the University of Michigan and is currently an Associate Professor in Earth and Climate Science atContinue reading “#6 In conversation: Dr. Devapriya Chattopadhyay”

#5 In conversation with: Dr. Advait Jukar

Dr. Advait Jukar is a vertebrate paleontologist and science educator, whose work focuses on global change and the evolution and biogeography of large herbivores. He was a Deep Time-Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, and is currently a Gaylord Donnelly Postdoctoral Associate at the Yale Institute for BiosphericContinue reading “#5 In conversation with: Dr. Advait Jukar”

#3 In conversation with: Sarbajit Sen

Sarbajit Sen is a graphic artist and filmmaker based in Kolkata. His wide-ranging work, which has been exhibited in India and abroad, addresses topics like climate politics, the Partition of India, famines and left politics in West Bengal. He is the recipient of a national award for the Best Comics on Environment (1994) and aContinue reading “#3 In conversation with: Sarbajit Sen”

#2 In conversation with: Dr. Shashi Kad

Dr. Shashi Kad trained as a geologist at Panjab University, Chandigarh, and studied Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford. She is the founder and CEO of an advisory and consulting firm, SAGE Sustainability, and has worked extensively on issues related to climate change, sustainability, green supply chains, green buildings and gender.  

#1 In conversation with: Prof. Ashok Sahni

Prof. Ashok Sahni (b. 1941) is one of India‚Äôs best known palaeontologists. He was part of the Indo-US team of researchers who discovered and reconstructed Rajasaurus narmadensis, a 9-meter long carnivorous dinosaur whose remains were found in the Narmada region in India. Prof. Sahni received his MSc in Geology (1963) from the University of LucknowContinue reading “#1 In conversation with: Prof. Ashok Sahni”